Retirement Plans

Apex Investment Advisors

  Retirement Plan Consulting Services

We offer a broad array of Retirement Plans and we can make the process of finding the right plan for you less daunting.  We offer ongoing service in the following areas.


We can provide or assist in educational programs and Q&A sessions with your employees. We can provide updates with regard to your plan and its options and limitations. If your plan provider decides to replace a fund, we will help you bring that to the attention of your affected employees, and reallocate as necessary. From time to time we have educational presentations we can make. Currently we are providing “The Reality of Investing”. This presentation allows investors to see the markets in a new light by setting expectations based on longer-term horizons than the last 20 years. The presentation also addresses expected performance during retirement and planning for distributions. We are available to provide group meetings or one on one meetings with each employee.We are available by phone to all of your employees on a daily basis, for all investment and financial planning needs.

2. Monitoring and supervision of employee accounts.

Sometimes employee investment allocations get out of balance or don't have the right Risk level, etc - we would bring that to the attention of your administrator and/or the employee and make suggestions on how to fix the issue through reallocation. We monitor all accounts on a monthly basis.

3.Plan monitoring from a business prospective.

With new innovations in the retirement industry, retirement plans continually are introduced with new benefits, cost structures and investment options.We constantly review plans to make sure your Plan is right for you. Being independent advisors, we are your consultants. Ultimately we are looking for plans that are the most competitive from an administration, investment, and cost perspective. If a new plan comes out that better fits your needs, we will make suggestions for a change (We are not tied to any plan or provider, we work for you).

4. Investment Consulting and Research.

We constantly evaluate mutual fund investment performance to make sure you are getting the best management available. If you have employees that would like to be more savvy about their account, we can provide the means for them to make better-educated decisions. We have access to two top tier money managers that offer a more dynamic approach to investing and can implement individual strategies for an additional fee.

5.Yearly document review.

We recommend a yearly document review with your Plan Administrator. We can assist your administrator in reviewing your Summary Plan Description for preparation, completeness, and presentation to new participants. It is important to have this in order for compliance with the Department of Labor. We recommend the use of third party administrators and attorneys in the design and writing of your document. In addition we will review the document to make sure that it is covering the issues most important to your plan.