Financial Planning and Investment Management

The economics of present-day living are as demanding as ever. In order to achieve financial independence, it is essential to chart a financial map. It can outline where you want to go, how and when you want to get there, and what you want to do once you have arrived. The key is to build wealth at a rate that exceeds the effects of taxes and inflation. Only then can you move toward your financial goals.

We can help you pursue your financial goals by offering you a professionally prepared financial plan*. 

Planning starts with the analysis of seven key areas:




  • Investments
  • Education
  • Retirement
  • Insurance
  • Debt Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Taxes

    A financial plan is of value only if it is implemented and the benefits can be realized. We can assist you in exercising and monitoring plan recommendations and make suggestions as your personal financial situation changes. Of course, part of this process is specific investment management.

    Income taxes can tremendously impact investment performance. Income taxes and income level are considered in the implementation and management of your portfolio.


    Investment Management is tailored to each client.  Everyone is different. We consider risk tolerance, income levels, net worth and tax consequences in each investment decision.  We follow our methodology for investment selection.  We use many public sources of information as well as Morningstar and S&P to research our ideas. See Investment Style.

    Private Investment Analysis - Many clients are faced with the opportunity to invest privately in many transactions.  We can assist in analyzing these opportunities at our hourly rate. 

    Tax Planning - We can assist you in working with your accountant to minimize your tax situation.  Many times we find clients do not know what to bring to their accountants attention.  We can help you identify such areas.  We also will interface with your accountant to assist him where necessary.  We consider all income and estate taxes.  We look to minimize the total tax exposure.

    Automatic Income Deposit and Bill Payment- We can assist you in setting up automatic income deposits and Bill Payment Services.